Ways to Utilize Terpenes 

Have you ever felt sleepy after having a lavender tea? Do you feel refreshed when you smell lemons? Well, the reason why you feel these things is because of terpenes. It’s discovered that various strains of cannabis have various effects. For instance, indica is known to offer calming effects while sativa is known to offer awakening effects. By using terpenes, these effects can be manipulated.  

To make things simple. Terpenes are the taste and smell component of each cannabis strain. They can be distilled from plants and transformed into its liquid form. The procedure needs a lot of plants to extract just several ML of terpene. They’re very concentrated. If consumed on their own, they will taste very overpowering. Thus, you’ve got to dilute terpenes first.  

If you found terpenes for sale and you’re planning to buy them, here are a couple of ways to use them. 

Combining them with Concentrates 

You can drip terpenes onto your hash, crystals, wax, or shatter. This is an ideal method to improve the effects and quality of your products. It is suggested that you add very tiny amounts to the concentrates. The reason for this is that even a drop could be too much. Thus, utilizing less is recommended.  

Rubbing onto Temples 

You can also rub terpenes onto your temples directly. You can do this just how you use essential oils. People recommend utilizing the OG Bubblegum terpenes in this method. This is particularly true if your mind is racing and you want to relax. This will help you get a moment of clarity. All you’ve got to do is to take a single drop and rub it against your finger and apply onto your temples.  


You can combine your e-liquid with your terpenes. It is suggested that you add a single drop of terpenes to every 1ml of vape liquid. For the ideal results, you should enable the vape to stay for 2 days. This will enable the flavor to be consistent. There’s a high possibility that you will not notice the effects of the terpene for a couple of days if you were to vape it right away.  

Dilute them in a Drinking Water 

You can sip terpenes throughout the day if you dilute it with water. It is suggested that you combine 1 to 2 drops into 500ml of water. You have to drink this slowly throughout the day. You do not have to drink the entire bottle to feel the effects.  


You can add terpenes into the diffuser, just like how you use essential oils. All you’ve got to do is to breath the vapor. The ideal way to do this is before you go to bed. This will help you relax more. You can also use it before work to improve your productivity.  


Terpenes make an ideal ingredient if you are creating food using cannabis. You can improve the food’s potency by improving combining them. Make sure you know the various synergies of various terpenes to obtain the ideal effects.